We are the leader in the Chicagoland bed bug treatment industry. Our innovative technology and convective heat methodologies have proven to be the most effective system for a complete bed bug eradication solution.

We use portable electric and propane heaters. These eco-friendly devices elevate the ambient temperature to a level that is lethal for bed bugs yet safe for the contents of your home. The unit disperses and convects heated air throughout the room so that it warms every location that pests might hide... even places chemical or pesticide treatments cannot easily reach. Heat treatments eliminate the requirement to use toxic pesticides inside your home and the potential for lingering chemical residue. 

Our professionally-trained technicians can safely eliminate the bed bugs in one treatment without damaging your home.


One of the most common questions that our customers ask is “How Did I Get Bed Bugs?”

Let us be the first ones to say that: “It’s not your fault.”

It has nothing to do with you, something that you or your family did, or the condition of your home. Bed bugs don’t care if your home is clean or dirty. All they want is to feed on you.

The truth is: Bed bugs are master hitchhikers, and it only takes a single mature female that has mated recently to cause an infestation in your home.


Bed bugs are small, oblong, reddish-brown insects that vary in size, from the size of a small pinhead in early nymph stages, to the size of a large apple seed when mature adults.

Very mature bed bugs can grow to sizes that are almost as large as a fingernail. Most bed bugs are the size of an apple seed.

Bed bug eggs are white and cylindrical, and roughly two to three grains of sand in length. They’re tiny and can often be overlooked when checking a mattress for signs of a bed bug infestation. Newly hatched bed bugs are scarlet red immediately after their first feeding, and darken to a reddish-brown as they continue to mature.

Bed bugs do not jump or fly, which may help distinguish them from other parasites that feed on blood such as fleas, ticks, or mosquitoes; or bite or sting such as flies, bees, wasps, beetles, or gnats.


Contrary to the stigma that is typically associated with bed bugs regarding excessive clutter or lack of cleanliness, neither of these actually cause bed bugs or contribute to an infestation. While clutter may provide additional areas for bed bugs to initially evade detection, the only real “cause” is that one or more bed bugs have hitchhiked on you or your clothes, or have stowed away in your belongings in hopes of finding a viable food source: you and your family.


As we mentioned previously, bed bugs are master hitchhikers. Contrary to what you may have heard, they simply do not spontaneously appear as a result of excess clutter or due to a lack of cleanliness. A bed bugs infestation or colony only appears as a result of one or more bed bugs migrating or hitchhiking in your clothes or luggage from another colony.

Common sources of bed bug infestations include hotels, motels, restaurants, thrift stores, movie theaters, planes, trains, buses, or multi-tenant or student housing where bed bugs can migrate from room to room and structure to structure such as apartment complexes, condominiums, or townhouses.

There have even been instances of bed bugs in large department store retail locations, and you may simply have had the misfortune of purchasing something from a store that was infested. We have had several customers get infested by buying new furniture and having it delivered. Something to ask about when buying new furniture is who delivers the furniture: is it delivered by their delivery department or contracted out? Do they take away old furniture? If so, how do they separate used furniture and ensure if it was infested it will not get bed bugs on your new furniture? What kind of guarantee do they give that you will not get bed bugs (or any bugs for that matter) from their delivery?

Another common source that we try and dissuade our customers from partaking in is claiming discarded furniture that is left on the side of the road with a “Free to a Good Home” sign on it. Some individuals may take the hard and fast approach of discarding furniture rather than having it treated and will attempt to give it away for free. Unfortunately, those that provide a new home to that mattress or sofa, may also be inheriting a much larger problem than they realize.

We also see several clients that are either in the medical field or have recently been in the hospital. More commonly we see people who have or perform in-home care. One item that we often reference to people who call asking questions about bed bugs and what precautions they should take is this information booklet from Virginia Dept of Ag and Consumer Services.


Given the chemical resistance of bed bugs, we have chosen 100% chemical-free, safe, clean, and effective heat as our method of choice for getting rid of bed bugs fast. We know just how challenging getting rid of bed bugs can be, and have proven time and again that our process works. If you and your family are struggling with this challenge, we would love the opportunity to help you get your sleep back. Feel free to reach out to us to get rid of bed bugs today.