Our Process

The day of the chemical-free bed bug heat treatment we ask that you please turn off your air condition and if it is winter crank your furnace heat up. This will allow for a faster treatment and get you back in your home sooner.

Once the techs arrive and do an initial walk through, answering any questions you may have, they will give you our treatment forms to complete while they measure the space and go over the forms, answer any remaining questions, take payment, and begin setting up.

Our setups are usually pretty fast. In fact we can often be up to kill temp in the room that we place our heaters within 30-45 minutes. You read that right! We have a state-of-the-art indoor solutions that have all the safety features available. 

We use high powered fans to move air throughout your home. We essentially are creating a convection oven and killing the bed bugs and eggs with heat. We are able to blow the air around the room and into all of the nooks and crannies other treatments are not able to reach.

We also use two different types of monitoring devices to monitor the temperature of the rooms during a bed bug heat treatment. We have hand-held thermal cameras that we use to detect potential cold spots as well as stationary sensors that we deploy around the house and monitor.

Once we have everything set up and temperatures start to climb, we then walk back through the space and make sure everything is staged in a manner that it will receive the most airflow as possible. Often times we move and/or flip items in the middle of the treatment to get the most treatment as possible.

Once we reach lethal temperatures, we maintain them for at least three hours (it takes 90 minutes at 122 degrees to kill eggs and we exceed both of those to ensure a proper treatment). We will be communicating with you throughout the process (as much as you want).


We begin vacuuming any bugs we see once we are in kill-zone temperatures. We are also using a steamer on surfaces and areas that are appropriate (e.g. beds, pillows, couches, upholstered furniture).

Our goal: When we leave your house - it will be like the bed bugs were never there. It never happened, and no one knew about it.  One and done.

Every Square Inch, Everything in Its Place

Treat every square inch of your home and all of your possessions without unnecessarily discarding or removing them.

Our bed bug heat treatment process is unique in that it has the ability to treat all of your clothing, furniture, electronics, carpeting, and appliances safely and effectively without unnecessarily discarding or removing these items.

All of our propane and electric heaters have digitally-controlled temperature thermostats and high temperature limit cutoff switches, ensuring that we reach the desired kill temperature for thoroughly eradicating bed bugs, with heat while ensuring that our process does not exceed the safe threshold for any sensitive electronic items, appliances, and furniture. Once your home is prepped according to our bed bug heat treatment preparation checklist to account for any flammable or particularly sensitive items, the remainder of your possessions can be treated in place.

We closely monitor all of our chemical-free bed bug heat treatments, adjusting furniture and adapting our approach as often as needed throughout the heat treatment to ensure that there is NO need to discard ANY of your furniture or bedding. With our signature process, we can treat all of your possessions within the safety of your home.

Our Vehicles

One of our favorite questions or concerns we get centers around our vehicles. Let us put your mind at ease by posting a couple of pictures of our van and equipment.

No company logo. No distinct license plate or markings. No giant bug on top of the roof. Very average looking van. When we do smaller jobs employees may drive an unmarked, personal vehicle.


Our technicians wear normal clothes to the job. To help with discretion, we do not wear branded clothing or uniforms. Our team is very professional in how they treat the process, but casual in how we dress as it gets pretty hot doing this work day in and day out.