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We Make Bed Bugs Be Gone With Heat

About Bed Bugs Be Gone Now

At Bed Bugs Be Gone Now, we are part of a Nationwide Franchise based out of the State of Colorado. Shortly after moving to Illinois, we too experienced the nightmare of bed bugs in a rental home. Like most people, we tried several chemicals and do-it-yourself approaches, and even reached out to a number of professional chemical companies, and yet we still had bed bugs! After having a conversation about a friend who owns Affordable Bed Bug Treatments we tried heat and were finally free from bed bugs. We are a small, woman- and veteran-owned, business that is only committed to safe solutions to remediate bed bug infestations.


Discrete Propane Solutions

Leveraging the Power of Propane
Where Power is Limited

Regardless of your situation, we have the equipment and staffing standing by to address any Bed Bug Infestation big or small. At Bed Bugs Be Gone Now, we have deployed a number of discrete Propane Based Heat Solutions to mitigate many of the power concerns associated with the Chicago area. If you live in a space with limited or problematic power, rest assured that we have the resources to assist you and your family with getting your sleep back.  

Discrete Electric Solutions

Leveraging the Power of Convection to 
Treat Every Square Inch of Your Home

In areas where there is less of an electric concern, we can strategically deploy Electric Heaters and Fans all throughout your Home to Treat Every Square Inch of Your Space creating a convection effect that circulates air above the lethal kill temperature for Bed Bugs and Their Eggs, effectively causing Bed Bugs to Be Gone with Safe, Clean, and Effective Heat.  

Super-Heated Dry Steam

Doubling Down with Additional Heat for Problematic Areas

We leverage the power of Super-Heated Dry Steam for those problematic areas where Bed Bugs and their Eggs love to hide. We not only treat these spaces with our Super-Heated Air from our Heaters but double down and apply an additional level of effort to Mattresses, Box Springs, Headboards, and Bed Frames with 356 Degree Super-Heated Steam that is nearly double the temperature of typical steam, addressing problematic areas within a matter of seconds.    

Treat Any Space Big or Small

Heat Treatment for Structures and for Vehicles

At Bed Bugs Be Gone Now, we have numerous solutions available to treat any size space big or small, mobile or stationary; ranging from Single Family Homes, to Apartments and Condos, and can even Treat Mobile Homes, Recreation Vehicles, Semi Tractor Trailers, as well as Boats, Airplanes, Cars and Vans. We have proven expertise making Bed Bugs Be Gone from any space big or small, mobile or otherwise. 


"These might be the nicest people that you’ll ever talk to. I called around to several companies and this company was able to beat everyone's prices and come help my family that evening. I have and will continue to recommend!!"

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